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Satisfied Sleep Sense Client!

We recommend Sleep Sense if you don’t have time to read or try all the different books and systems. And who has time when you’re desperate to just get a full night’s rest? Dana does not advocate CIO, but there might be some crying involved. Our little girl was able to sleep through the night from the very first day.

Researchers from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reviewed five different sleep-training strategies. Their surprising conclusion: There’s no single “best” approach for teaching your baby to sleep well. All the methods work, provided parents follow one simple rule — consistency.

Some might criticize that the techniques in Sleep Sense are borrowed from a lot of the most popular books, but it’s the results that count. There is a lot of common sense, but Dana is great at making sure you make a commitment to a consistent sleep routine and keeps you motivated when you are ready to give up. Her Sleep Sense program has worked for thousands of parents and is backed by a full money back guarantee. Remember to get started by signing up here for your exclusive discount and then signing up through our link HERE.

Here is a shot of our Noelle after she fell asleep by herself. What a cutie, no?