Set up your Baby’s Bed Time Routine in 3 Simple Steps

Today, we’ll look at how to set up a simple Bed Time routine together.

For many parents bed time is when we have to use our ninja techniques to get baby to sleep and not wake her up when you put her in the crib. It can also involve a lot of fussing, fighting, tantrums, crying, stalling, etc. That’s NOT a good state of mind for your child to get into right before going to sleep. Setting up a quick and fun bedtime routine might even make you and your child look forward to it!

WHY A BEDTIME ROUTINE IS key to a good night’s sleep

Children (especially babies) thrive on routine and predictability. They like to know what is going to happen next. Trying to hide bedtime from them will only make your child more nervous and agitated.

Imagine your child happily playing one minute, suddenly given a bath, put in her crib and expected to fall asleep. She won’t know what hit her and will have a hard time settling down. Your bedtime routine is a series of steps that you’ll follow every single night so your child knows when it’s time to sleep.

Here are three simple steps for creating a bed time routine that works for you.


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