Set Goals Before Starting Sleep Training

Before you jump into sleep training (or anything else really.) Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What are you specifically hoping to get out of sleep training?
  • What specific changes do you hope to see?
  • How do you want your child’s sleep to be different?
  • How do you want to feel when this is all over?
Think about these questions and leave a comment about your goals below. No need to write a novel! It could be as simple as having your baby sleep 8 hours through the night or reducing your night feedings from 2 to 1 for example.
If you take the time to write down what you’re hoping to achieve you’ll  have a much better chance of reaching your goals. Sharing also helps others see that their goals are not unrealistic.

What Specific Sleep Goals do you Expect to Accomplish?

4 thoughts on “Set Goals Before Starting Sleep Training

  1. I would wish that my 6 month old would only wake once or twice to eat if necessary in the night. I wish that she could fall asleep on her own without nursing or paci and not wake multiple times in the night and need soothing back to sleep. I also wish that we could get in a good nap routine of two solid naps each day.

  2. My goal for my son (4 1/2 months) would be to nap and sleep longer stretches at night and be able to fall asleep independently.

  3. I have not slept through the night once since my child was born. He is 7 months old. My goal is to get 9 hours of sleep straight.

  4. I really hope that my little one is able to sleep though the whole night without waking up. He has just turned a year old and still wakes up once or twice a night. He falls asleep on his own when I put him down but when he wakes after about 3-4hrs of sleep he will cry until I breast feed him back to sleep.

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