Does your baby also have trouble sleeping?

Welcome to the club! Lack of sleep is the newborn’s parents badge of honor. We compare our stories with other parents and proudly show up to work with bags under our eyes. Everyone’s gone through those initial sleepless nights. But the joy of being a parent wears off pretty quick. Especially with our little bundle of joy, we spent the first month doing nightly feedings every 1-2 hours. If you’re lucky you’ll get a break when grandma comes over to help out the first few weeks. But the relief only lasts until she goes back home…

grandma babysitting

Afterwards you’re back on your own. And overwhelmed with the conflicting advice from your parents and friends. Not to mention the conflicting advice on the various baby forums. After 3 months we’ve developed our own techniques (bad habits?) to get Noelle to bed: from letting her fall asleep in her car seat to ending with her asleep in our arms. In the end we lower her into her crib, only for her to wake up and cry the second we let her go. Thus repeating the cycle of getting her to fall asleep…

You can continue to read the information on this and other sites, but all this will get you nowhere if you don’t take action. Let’s say goodbye to sleepless nights. Starting today.

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