Also Confused by Too Much Advice?

We’re lucky nowadays. Thanks to the internet we have an almost unlimited amount of information at our fingertips. The whole point of Google was to help find the information you were looking for. So if you are suffering from sleepless nights then you’ve already tried to find some solutions. But, a search for baby sleep advice turns up 122,000,000 results!

baby sleep google

Even clicking on the first Baby Center link you will be confronted by a list of “Baby Sleep Basics” with over 70 links! If that’s not enough to scare you off, those are just the basics…

baby sleep basics

And what about the helpful Mom’s Answers forum? You can read through 816, 356, and 339 answers to your most popular questions…

baby sleep mom answers


We were too tired from countless sleepless nights and just gave up after a while. We hoped our little girl would just “grow out of it”. One day we stumbled on a solution that encouraged us to start right away and (more importantly) kept us motivated to follow through.

Which Baby Sleep Advice to Follow? Help!

Few of us have the time and energy to read through everything. You just need a filter to get the information you need. We’re busy parents just like you. We love to keep things simple and leave it to the experts to offer you precise answers to any specific questions you might have. Just like a boring mutual fund is far more likely to be fine for 90% of us instead of picking stocks one by one, we preferred to just use a one stop method (see our Resource page to find out more.)

Researchers from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reviewed five different sleep-training strategies. Their surprising conclusion: There’s no single “best” approach for teaching your baby to sleep well. All the methods work, provided parents follow one simple rule — consistency.

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